Wednesday, July 09, 2008

German Joggers?

Whilst loitering on the steps of Chuchill's last night, enjoying the sea breeze that I was filtering through a smouldering tube of tobacco, I couldn't help but notice an alarming rise in the amount of joggers going around the bend, most of whom were panting away in German.
Could these be our illustrious watersporters?
If so, is jogging really an appropriate exercise for water-skiers (unless you happen to be Jesus, that is)?
I would have thought that skateboarding or roller-blading would be a much more useful exercise, particularly with the amount of rain we've had of late!

Not that it really matters how fit and well practised they are, if no bugger has been invited along to watch them, mind you.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Dead In The Water!

I must say I wasn't too surprised when, sitting outside Mile's Bar last night, trying to find a decent bottle of wine for under £30-00, a huge convoy of fun-fair rides trundled past, on their way to the over-publicised Mammoth Water Skiing Gala, due to take place over the coming week.
And it wasn't until then that I noticed the tiny banner, on the railings over the road, that mentioned the immenence of the whole affair in 10 point font across the bottom of it.
Is it me that's always the last to know about these things? Did I miss something in the local rags or on the radio, advising us to dig out our skimpies, wax our lines and pucker up our drinking equipment?
Well I checked through all my back-issues of KRN litter tray liners and lo, not a sausage!
Unfortunately I've made other plans for the weekend and it's a bit bloody late to change them now!

Our wonderful council certainly knows how to lay on a party, as has been proven around this time for several years, now.
It's just a bit of a shame that noone's been invited to it!