Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Filling In The Trench?

Walking along King Street, last night, as I do whenever I'm felling a little brave or drunk, I noticed that they've erected scaffolding all over the place.
What's going on there, then?
Is the road about to be refurbished (with luxury apartments) or are they going to take it all down (so they can build luxury apartments)?

Anyone in the know, because I certainly haven't recieved any information from my personal Oracle (The Isle Of Thanet Gazzette)?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Parse Dover.

If I had to choose a favourite beer festival, I think, perhaps, that The Whitecliff Festival Of Winter Ales would have to be it!
Held in Dover Town Hall, Maison Dieu, a beautiful building that's absolutely steeped in history, they offer some wonderfully crafted ales, all at £2-00 a pint and nothing under 5%. If, like so many people, you have the desire to annihilate as many brain cells as possible while savouring your tipple, then this is the festival to attend, albeit only in a physical sense towards the end of it!
In addition, it also offers the opportunity to meet some of the most boring, unimaginative and bizzare people that CAMRA has to offer. As an example, one rather portly and ruddy jowled gentleman that I met, suddenly launched into a story, with great vehemence, about the time that the police came to his house and he declared to them, for some inexplicable reason, that if anyone were ever to hurt either of his nieces, they'd better get to the person responsible before he did! I can imagine that the poor officers concerned were just as surprised with that outburst as I was.
But hey, apart from the beer, there was also a full moon to compliment the proceedings!
And, of course, there were also all the usual shenanigans that accompany the arse-end of the session, namely the odd, prone carcass to impede your journey to the loo and bar staff that were so pissed, they were having trouble adding up the single token that you'd just given them for your beer.
In a break with tradition, though, the usual Battle of Britain re-enactment with paper planes was replaced with something more akin to War of the Worlds, this year, with flying saucers in the shape of beer mats, taking to the skies. Nice to see the proceedings being brought up to date without negating the possibility of losing an eye and also refreshing to note that it was, indeed, possible to make use of at least one of the naff tombola prizes!


I think I may pop along there again, today!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Cobb Lures.

I see that those nice (I assume) people who are putting on a beer festival in Margate (yes, well, wherever) at Easter are going to have a stab at cobbling together an old Margate brew. Remembering only too well what Cobbs' beers were like (I'm not as young as I look), I sincerely hope that they're going to do a better job of it than Cobb and Co. ever managed!
I'd better get an extra couple of loo rolls in, just in case.
Sounds like fun, though!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

28 Days Later.

Well, more like five weeks since my last blog!
Doesn't seem like that long but Mikey has been keeping me quite busy. Time flies when you're having fun and all that!.
Anyway, that 'real life' thing is ok in small doses but sooner or later a girl is going to want to get back to the more malleable and manipulative World of blog, isn't she?
I do hope, sincerely, that unlike the popular film of that title, I haven't awoken to a World turned zombie in my absense! Though looking around me, I think I'm going to need a little more convincing to the contrary.
On the bright side, however, the Zombie King (Mr Baldy, I Love Myself, Dress Sense Of A Five Year Old Miami Vice Fan, Pissy Pants, Doofer), seems to have retreated to his faecal lined lair, so perhaps things aren't as hopeless as they, at first, seem!
I notice that he did pop out recently for a ten mile walk (part of which was taken by bus), so that should stand him in good stead for his six day trek to The Maasai this month (as long as the busses are running)!

Musn't forget, also, to purchase a copy of The Tin Drummer, as, after printing this, ....

Jeremy Jacobs' blog is a fascinating mix of presenting, media, politics and humour. He writes with verve, irony and a dry wit. His presenting posts are always interesting to those of us who know absolutely nothing about it, but all of his posts are engaging and well worth a read.

.... I'm pretty sure it'll come in useful in the kitchen, should I be unfortunate enough to have a chip-pan fire.

Honestly, what a wanker!

And that REALLY will be the last I have to say on the matter., for the moment.