Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Walk On The Wild Side.

The last thing you'd expect, when you pop out for a quiet drink in the middle of the week, is to stumble across those ZZ Top bearded, pipe smoking, chunky knit jumper wearing CAMRA hoodlums holding one of their wild parties! And yes, one of them was smoking a pipe!
Unfortunately, due to my impulsive nature, it wasn't long before I got swept away on the moment and started gawping at my pint, swilling it around and sniffing at it.

Life doesn't get much racier than that!

Now I'm going to be late for work (again), but this time armed with a dialogue that will, at some point, have my boss begging me to "shut up, forget it and get on with my work"!

Hats off to you, Campaign For Repetitive Argument!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Re: Pug Nation.

What with work commitments, family issues (I got issued one but I've since sent it back!) and the growing reputation as a cyber-pig, I decided to hang my bonnet up for a while and become what I feel I'm destined to be..... a dog!

You may scoff, but, as a dog, I'm pretty sure I could scoff more.

Well, when I say dog, obviously I mean bitch, though I do wonder if that really needed pointing out!

I'd also like to introduce a new slant to my blog, in the shape of my latest friend and confidante, Pini Nakatua. She's a lovely lady, 5'1", 100lbs, perfect breasts and brought up in a small village on the foothills of Mount Fuji, and what she doesn't know about 35mm, medium and large format camera film, simply isn't worth knowing!

I feel I must point out that, though our relationship has developed into the picture of good friendship, I am NOT a lesbian!

Just thought I'd make that perfectly clear!