Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Strugle Of Life.

I saw a charming picture in one of our local not-quite-so-fast food outlets, last Saturday night.
I think it may have been a photograph in an early stage of it's life, but it had been tinkered with right the way through tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man and halfway through poor man, so it was quite hard to tell for sure.
Any road up, it was a picture of a statue of oxen and cart, stuck in mud, with a huge muscular guy hunched over one of the cart's wheels, trying to make it turn.
His broad shoulders and thick arms tugging (or should I say 'tuging'?) with all of their might, his lean but powerful waist and pelvis pushing and straining against the rim, and a cute, rounded though tight bum as your first point of reference for depth of field, made me a little moist I can tell you!
However, from the title printed across the top of it, the title of this post, I feel that the following picture would've been more appropriately deserving of such an accolade!

Lovely food, as always!
Though you do have to penetrate deeper than the writing on the lids, to work out which dish is which.

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